BIODANZA is an integration of movement, music and expression that is joyful, therapeutic, expressive and vitalizing. Biodanza provides an opportunity to reconnect with our true essence and with others, to open the heart and free the body. It is for anyone who wants to live with more joy and vitality.

Developed by Chilean anthropologist Rolando Toro, Biodanza is popular and widely practiced in South American countries, the US and Europe.

“It offers a life affirming experience of vitality, creativity, sensuality and expression. The Biodanza philosophy is to put more fun, pleasure, happiness, spontaneity and love into life!” Mike Skilbeck (Director, Dorset School of Biodanza UK)

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Biodanza ~ the Dance of Life
livingBIODANZA ~ dancing the Dance of Life

AK Tri-siddha

I have been experiencing Biodanza for more than 5 years and currently practicing teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in the UK. I also organise workshops and retreats for some of the best Biodanza teachers in the world. Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing Biodanza into your area. ~ areerat

tel. +66(0) 800 724 722 (Thailand)
tel. +44(0) 790 586 377 (UK)


Here's a video clip giving a brief introduction of Biodanza by Belisa Amaro of SF school of Biodanza





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